Welcome to Vectis Law Solicitors - Isle of Wight

Vectis Law is a niche legal practice offering specialist representation at police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts and higher courts. We concentrate solely on criminal defence litigation. We therefore focus on providing expert knowledge and experience to prepare robust and thorough representation in any criminal defence matter.

We can look after your interests seamlessly from the police station through to the magistrates court and crown court and, if necessary, to appeal. You can be confident that, with our specialist knowledge and experience, we will work to give you the best chance of a favourable outcome to your case.

Vectis Law has a Legal Services Commission contract to offer publicly funded criminal defence litigation for the Isle of Wight area. We offer free representation at the police station 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Vectis Law Solicitors is registered with and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales. Registration Number 448881


 Contact Details

     Telephone: 01983 533006
     Out of hours (police station attendances only) 07623 984628